Xoua Thao, MD

Xoua Thao, MD

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“After more than two decades in family practice, there’s nothing left but compassion and goodwill from the heart,” said Dr. Xoua Thao, when asked about his approach to patient care. He expresses calm, focused attention toward each person he meets.

Perhaps his kind, friendly, and attentive approach comes from his background and experience growing up during the Secret War in Laos in his early years, and then his journey in 1976 as a young teenager to Providence, RI. Years later after medical school and residency training, he reunited with his siblings in Minnesota. Twenty plus years in private practice in St. Paul followed. He managed a clinic dedicated to the Hmong community that became a center of support and a bridge to the Twin Cities medical system. Dr. Thao developed a reputation as a trusted doctor who is skilled in evidence based best practice of western medicine, as well as understanding and respect for traditional approaches to wellness.

“When I use Hmong language, my Hmong patients are very happy,” said Dr. Thao. “The information and instructions I give them are easier to understand. So that means my patients are more likely to be agreeable to the therapy, which makes for better compliance and positive health outcomes.”

“I approach medicine as a service,” said Dr. Thao. “I am committed to this deeply in my heart. Patients are not just a collection of symptoms. In order to gain results, we have to build a relationship, put ourselves in their shoes, so that changes we recommend such as quitting smoking or losing weight, are accepted as important to the overall health. I want to be a positive influence on my patients’ lives, to help them with their cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and to help make their life better.”

Dr. Thao serves patients of all ages and backgrounds, though many of his patients are Southeast Asian and Hmong descent.

“Over the years, it’s gratifying and rewarding to see my patients grow from infancy to becoming wonderful college graduates,” said Dr. Thao. He, added “To see them become successful in their jobs and relationships makes my part as their family physician genuinely worth the effort.”

Dr. Thao is excited to be joining United Family Medicine at a time when it is led by a strong team of executives and well trained, friendly staff.

“I’m looking forward to being part of the team,” said Dr. Thao. Fortunately, “I’m in the right place, at the right time.”

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