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Our doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dentists, and behavioral health providers are here to help you live a healthier life. With their knowledge, dedication and care, they are members of your healthcare team.


Xoua Thao, MD

Xoua Thao, MD

Years in practice: 25+ years

Clinical interests: Culturally appropriate, holistic/person-centered care. 

Personal interests: Spending time with family, studying, reading, playing golf, story telling.

Bilingual English, Hmong

Nathan Guimont, MD

Nathan Guimont, MD, AAHIVS

Years in practice: 1+ years

Clinical interests: HIV/Hep C, addiction medicine, refugee and migrant care, jail health, LGBTQ.

Personal interests: biking, craft breweries, local music, theater, hiking in remote woods, traveling

Scott Tongen, MD

Scott Tongen, MD

Years in practice: 30+ years

Clinical interests: Family practice, diabetes, heart disease, cognitive disorders, dementia, vasectomy 

Personal interests: Spending time with family and new grandchildren

Physician Assistants

Dave Bucher, MD, CMO

Dawn Brothers, PA-C

Years in practice: 19 years

Clinical interests: All areas of family practice. Birth to end of life. Generations within same family. Sports medicine, young adult medicine, pediatrics, addiction.

Personal interests: Enjoy spending time with family and friends, lake life, MN summers, watching a variety of sports

Emily Cabel, PA-C

Years in practice: 

Clinical Interests: preventive care, management of chronic medical conditions, mental health, adolescents

Personal Interests: Being outdoors, spending time with my two rescue pups, puzzles, crafts, travel

Jess Jandric, PA-C

Years in practice: 14 years

Clinical interests: Women and children’s health, adolescent health, orthopedics

Personal interests/hobbies:

Mitch Sebranek, PA-C

Mitchell Sebranek, PA-C

Years in practice: 1+ years.

Areas of clinical interest: Geriatrics, adolescence, wellness and disease prevention, diabetes, cardiology, orthopedics, sports medicine

Personal interests: Hiking, camping, cycling, running, photography, travel


Nurse Practitioners

Paola Riera Mora, CRNP

Years in practice: 1 year

Clinical interests:  Wellness, disease prevention, chronic disease management, weight loss, women’s health, pediatrics

Personal interests:  Piano, dance, swimming, hiking, spending time with family

Bilingual English, Spanish

Maggie Prunty, CNP

Maggie Prunty, CNP

Years in practice: 1+ years

Clinical interests:  Licensed for individuals ages 13 and above.  Geriatric care, chronic disease management, health promotion and wellness

Personal interests:  Hiking, biking, kayaking, baking, tending to her house plans. 


Phuong-Giang Pham, DDS

Phuong-Giang Pham, DDS

Years in practice: 18 years

Clinical Interests: Patient education and prevention

Personal interests:

Behavioral Health

Maureen Gluek, PsyD

Maureen Gluek, PsyD

Years in practice: 29 years

Clinical Interests: Management of combined medical and psychological conditions 


Beth Spooner-Falde, CNS

Travis Harris, LGSW, Behavioral Health Consultant

Years in practice: 2+ years

Clinical Interests: Trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, Brainspotting, inner child work, dissociation, addictions, creativity and creative blocks, mindfulness, neuroplasticity and neurology, and polyvagal theory.

Personal Interests: playing and watching sports (specifically football and basketball), being outdoors, taking his dog for walks, traveling, and spending time with family.


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