Health Care Home

United Family Medicine is certified by the Minnesota Department of Health as a Health Care Home (also known as “Medical Home”). We provide a team approach to primary care with a goal to make it easier for patients to partner with a primary provider. Teams can include: the patient, clinicians, nurses, specialists, pharmacists, care coordinators, and community resources that support health and well being.

At United Family Medicine, you’ll connect with a care coordinator. They will help you get access to appointments, assist communications with specialists and referrals, answer questions over the phone, and more.

We use nationally recognized standards of care with respect for each patient’s culture, preferences, and input. We’ll work with you to develop an individual care plan to patient manage your healthcare issues, wherever that care is needed.

Your health care home ensures you’ll get the right care, at the right time, at the right place. To be certified as a Medical Home, United Family Medicine meets a rigorous set of standards, including:
• Effective communications between the patient and health care providers, supporting patient-centered care
• Individualized care plan for patients with complex or chronic conditions
• Performance Improvement that focuses on the patient’s experience, health, and cost-effectiveness

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United Family Medicine

United Family Medicine