Mitchell Sebranek, PA-C

Mitchell Sebranek, PA-C

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Wellness is so much a part of overall clinical health, that Physician Assistant Mitchell Sebranek applies his knowledge of preventive healthcare with every patient encounter.

“I’m passionate about wellness and disease prevention,” said Mitchell, “Wellness includes disease management and lifestyle conditions such as diet, exercise, mental health, and social support. It all works together to support overall health.”

Mitchell’s background in kinesiology (exercise science) led him to a career interest in health and wellness. He coached track and field athletes during his early professional life, where he enjoyed helping people progress in strength and fitness, and preventing physical decline. Later, as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Mitchell discovered he enjoyed working with the elder population, stabilizing and transporting, taking care of them in acute situations.

“It’s all about establishing a relationship and then having a discussion about wellness and health,” said Mitchell. “Sometimes it revolves around making a change. When change is really difficult to do, I work to understand where the resistance is coming from. I try to learn the underlying reasons that might be holding my patients back from attaining their best health.”

Mitchell understands there are many reasons why change is hard, including lifestyle issues such as social relationships, habits, or physical challenges. He listens and offers guidance about how to begin healthy changes in small steps, reminding each patient about the positive health benefits to their health.

“It’s important to appreciate each patient as a whole person. I look for ways to encourage them to make healthy choices that connect with the good things they’re already doing. For example, with exercise, you might spend more time simply playing with your kids, or take a walk by the river. This is how we build momentum for lifelong positive changes.”

“Some of my patients ask what they should call me. “Physician Assistant” is good, “PA” is good too, but really they can just call me Mitch or Mitchell! I’m on their team!”

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