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Tsitsi Hungwe, DMD

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As a young person thinking about her life and career path, Tsitsi Hungwe, DMD, developed an interest in dentistry through the positive influence of her own female general dentist. By seeing a female dentist actively thriving in their career, young teenage Tsitsi Hungwe developed a mentoring relationship that continued with encouragement into her college years. During her time in dental school at the University of Louisville, KY, Dr. Hungwe crossed paths with several positive mentors along the way who encouraged her pursuit in the field of dentistry and encouraged her to administer whole patient care when treating dental patients.

“Dental care affects overall health, that is clear. When dental needs are left untreated, it can certainly have long term ramifications on wellbeing of an individual. Pain, swelling, loss of teeth can affect not just physical health, but it may affect self-esteem as well when there is tooth loss. I tell my patients that much of what we do is to fix or restore their teeth to function so they can have optimal dental health.”
said Dr. Hungwe

United Family Medicine offers dental care on a sliding fee scale for patients who qualify. This makes it easier for patients to obtain regular dental check-ups so that any issues can be addressed early, before they become a problem for patients.

Dr. Hungwe has experience working in clinics like United Family Medicine, a federally qualified health center (FQHC). She is comfortable and well accustomed to work with a diverse patient population of patients of all ages and backgrounds.

“I like the variety of working with different people. At one moment I might work with a one year old child followed by an elderly patient. I consider each day is a privilege and great opportunity to serve the patients of this community.”

Dr. Hungwe provides all types of dental care. She is well experienced working with tooth replacement for patients who need dentures. For those patients who might be a little anxious about visiting the dentist, Dr. Hungwe has a gentle, positive approach. “I always check-in with my patients before starting treatment. I describe the treatment and ask if there have any questions. I also consistently ask whether they are nervous. If they say ‘yes’, then I work with them to understand the specific issues. Together we address each issue directly. Most importantly, I take the time to ask, and I adjust my approach for each patient. It is my belief that universally people like to feel like they’re seen and heard.”

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