Stacy Chapman

High quality patient care and a positive patient experience are everyone’s focus at United Family Medicine. Stacy Chapman, MSN, RN, CMSRN, Manager of Nursing Practice, recently implemented an improved process for managing patient prescriptions. As a result, patients are now experiencing less waiting time, faster refills, more accuracy, and better patient experience.

When Stacy began studying the prescription refill situation, she learned that patients were having issues completing their refills in a timely way, sometimes leaving multiple voicemail messages for the same refill. The abundance of voicemails was overwhelming available staff to handle the calls. Patient satisfaction was lagging.

Stacy, with the help of the nurse triage team, gathered data to understand the issues. Numerous adjustments were made to the prescription refill workflow. Ultimately, all United Family Medicine nurses were trained in the tasks related to prescription refills so that our patients can be served quickly and efficiently. The new system allows for flexibility in work volumes and staff absences, without losing productivity.

Stacy said, “I give the credit to our nursing staff, Elizabeth, Andy, Julie, Mickey, Nicole, Aimee, and Liz, for a job well done! They are dedicated to our patients and adaptable to the needs for positive patient experience!”

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