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Sarah, a senior citizen, has been a patient with United Family Medicine for decades. She appreciates that our clinic has a reputation for supporting community health, including those who need help to access affordable healthcare.

“United Family Medicine reflects my mindset,” said Sarah. “I like their humane behavior, the way they relate to me is friendly and supportive. Most staff members know me by name, even at the front desk. They take an interest in me as a person – that really comes across every time I’m in the clinic.”

“I like it when I receive respect for my life and experience. I don’t know everything about my body, but I’ve been with it for a long time!” said Sarah.

Jen Larson, PA-C, is Sarah’s primary provider, and along with her healthcare team, Sarah recently received support to get access to some much needed care.

“I tried to keep up with my dental care in years past, when I had dental insurance. But when I lost my dental insurance, my regular dental care ended. I’m now ready to plan for dentures, but before that could happen I needed some good dental care. Jen Larson helped me connect with the dental care team right here in the clinic,” said Sarah.

“I was able to get an appointment the very next day!” said Sarah. She received her dental exam, x-rays, and a care plan to improve her dental health.

“I was apprehensive to get started with dental care, because of the cost. But everyone has been so helpful. I was able to get right in for my appointment and I applied for the sliding fee payment program. I’m so grateful! I know it’s helping me feel better!,” said Sarah.

“United Family Medicine does a lot to educate people about health in a respectful way. I want to be informed and make intelligent choices for myself. United Family Medicine has been very receptive to that. I can even push-back during conversations, so we can explore various approaches that will work for me. I really appreciate that from Jen Larson and all my providers,” said Sarah.

Sarah has been part of our community since the 1990’s, having made her home in St. Paul because she likes the diversity. After raising her family and a long career as a social worker, she currently enjoys hobbies like writing letters to friends, and reading. She enjoys reading about history, and also mystery series.

With affordable access to medical and dental care, Sarah and others have the opportunity to enjoy better health.


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