Nathan Guimont, MD

Nathan Guimont, MD

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If you ask Nathan Guimont, MD, about healthcare, he’ll tell you how much he values communication and trust – with the patient and the entire care team. “The best care happens when there is a partnership with the patient. When we can focus on the patient’s goals, together. When we do that, good things will happen.”

Dr. Guimont works with patients from all walks of life and all stages of health and wellness. He has additional training and certification in HIV medicine. This is important because it means patients can see a primary care doctor for all of their care instead of having to see multiple providers. Dr. Guimont also has an interest in addiction medicine and can help patients manage medically. In addition, he can connect patients to United Family Medicine resources such as behavioral health and social services to support sobriety in addressing what led to the substance use.

Dr. Guimont trained at the University of Minnesota focusing on community care before completing his residency in Seattle, WA. During residency he completed the HIV and global health track as well as served patients at the county safety net clinic. After graduation he moved to Chicago where he provided full spectrum primary care in a LatinX community and prenatal/OB care on the West side. Ultimately, he decided to move home to serve in a clinic where he trained as a medical student years ago, a place that gave him a passion to care for all – United Family Medicine.

“Patients deserve the best care, regardless of ability to pay. Healthcare is a human right,” said Dr. Guimont.

In our discussion about healthcare, Dr. Guimont emphasized that patients need a team of advocates to achieve the best outcomes in this complicated healthcare system.

“In primary care, over time, a patient gets to know their team, and that consistency of care leads to better health outcomes,” said Dr. Guimont. “Once you find a team you want to work with, we’ll do our best to take care of you!”

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