Maggie Prunty, CNP

Maggie Prunty, CNP

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If there was one word that best describes Maggie Prunty’s philosophy of care, it would be “balance.” As a Nurse Practitioner, she works mostly with seniors to diagnose, prescribe and treat their healthcare needs. Balance is part of her approach to care because she understands healthcare is a partnership with each individual patient.

“It’s important to meet each patient where they’re at,” said Maggie. “I help them achieve a health status that they feel comfortable with. I treat them and educate them, present the best evidence-based options, but the balance is in the choices they make. And we work together from there.”

Maggie comes to United Family Medicine with experience working in long-term health facilities including the Minneapolis VA hospital. It was there that Maggie directed her career toward older adults.

“Their life experiences are fun and informative to hear,” said Maggie. “I enjoy building relationships with each patient over time. It’s more of a partnership, really.”

Chronic disease management is a focus area for many older adults. Maggie works to understand what each patient wants from their health, in order to have their best life.

“We make a health plan together, we agree on that plan and support healthy choices,” said Maggie.

Maggie’s approach is personable, friendly, and she credits her professional style to making it easier to hear what each patient wants from their health and wellness.

“I guess it’s the small town upbringing I experienced growing up,” said Maggie. “I have a basic trust in people and I very much enjoy working with my patients.”

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