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Having been a patient at United Family Medicine, William Schultz joined our board of directors in 2019. His commitment to support the clinic is an opportunity to connect with people.

“I’m a sales and marketing professional. One of the strengths I bring to the board is my ability to connect with others, to understand their issues and then design creative solutions that fit their needs. I view this ability as a one of many ways I contribute to society, by being a creative thinker – helping people get to the solutions they need.”

“Since this is my first experience serving on a board of directors, sure, it’s been a learning experience. But also so rewarding to connect, be creative, and work with some great people.”

During the year, the board had some important challenges to complete for the standard audit of the Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA). They worked diligently, and with the leadership of Ann Nyakundi, CEO and her team, the audit was successful. The board’s efforts placed our clinic in the position of being independently operated and compliant with HRSA’s requirements.

“With the successful HRSA audit, the board is looking forward what’s next – it all revolves around patient experience,” said Schultz. “We’re focused on understanding and meeting community needs.”

We can expect much from our board of directors, and based on their recent accomplishments, Schultz and his colleagues will lead us toward new, expanded services to serve our St. Paul community.

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