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Allina Health System
American Cancer Society
Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota
Back To Wellness Chiropractic, PLLC
F.R. Bigelow Foundation
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation
Colon Cancer Coalition
Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation
Dermatology Consultants, P.A.
Dialog One
Ellie Family Services
Eyes All Over
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Haggerty Family Foundation
Hardenbergh Foundation
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA)
Highland Chateau Health and Rehabilitation Center
McGough Construction Company, Inc
Midwest Language Banc, Inc.
Mind Body Synergy Institute
Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Foundation
Minnesota Department of Health
Mississippi Market
National Kidney Foundation
Open Arms of Minnesota
Organic Chiropractic
Otto Bremer Trust
Our Lady of Peace
Radias Health
Ramsey County Public Health
Sholom Community Alliance
Sokol Minnesota
Springboard for the Arts
West 7th Pharmacy, Inc.
YWCA St. Paul


Rita Adam
Walter and Leslie Albertson
Mary Anderson
Arlene Appelbaum
Lucy Arimond
James Art
George Baboila*
Barbara Ann Beltrand
MaryAnn and David Benke*
Eric and Daniel Bennett
Lidiya Berg
Richard and Judy Berg
Tamera Berget Larson
Marilyn Bierden
Julie Borgerding July
Mary Bradford Clark
Sema Bronshteyn and Ida Kishko
Dr. David Bucher
Gayle Burdick
Robert Burkhardt
Ann Burkholder
Barbara Burleigh
Russ Bursch
Dr. Joseph and Eileen Capecchi
Dr. Robert and Mary Casper
Daniel Cherryhomes and Patricia Collins
Jeanne Christopher
Jennifer Chung
Joanne Clarke
John Clay
Ed Cleary
Gayle Cole
Jill Corsner
Paula Coyne
Lydia Crawford and Phil Davies
John and Anne Csargo*
Daymond and Valerie Dean*
Michael and Vanessa DeCourcy, Jr.*
Diane Devaney
Jeff Dubois
George Emrick
Brian Engdahl and Raina Eberly
Judith Erdmann
Katherine Fandrey
Michael and Janice Faust
Mary Findsplaces
Roberto Fonts*
Connie Foote
Marianne Funk
Paula Gallagher
Marla Gamble
Mark Gautschi
Kim Geiser
Ramon and Maria Gomez
Alison Green
GrowthMode Marketing
Jill and Dan Gustafson
Dr. Katherine Guthrie and John Ward
Dr. David Haugland
Sheila Hayes
Ronald Henning
Stanley and Jane Hooper
Mary Horan
John Howard
Ruby Hunt
June Husom
David Huss
Kimberly Hyers*
Sofya Introlegator
David Irvin
Janet and Les Johnson
Michael and Anne Johnson
Dr. Cassandra Jones
Aron Kahn
James Keller and Patricia Johnson Keller
Gary Ketch
Edward Kiefer
Anna and Tom Kieselbach
Mary Kinney
Juli Kinzer
Cory and Sheila Kissling
Caroline Kniech
Karen Koeppe
Asia Kogan
Thomas and Kathryn Kromroy
Kristen LaFavor
Steven and Rose Lambros*
Patti Lawson
Linda Lease
Harold Lebo
James and Bettie Lee
Rebecca Leier and John Perozino
Irving and Gwen Lerner
Maxine Letourneau
Richard and Margaret Lidstad
James Lockwood
Janet Lotzer
Cindy Mackintosh
Jody Manahan
Kathleen Marac
Christopher Markov*
Dr. Peter Marshall
Richard Mattson
Maxine and Kenneth McCormick
Genevieve McJilton
Mary Kay McJilton*
Sarah McKay
Mary Mercado
Regan and Gerry Miller
Karen Moehring
Rosemary Morgan
James Mueller
Marina Munoz Lyon
Michael and Marilyn Myers
Edmund and Mary Newman
Betty Nicholson
Becca Norris*
Mark Olson and Margaret Fust-Olson
Dick and Anne Otley
Jinny Palen*
John Parker
M. Bruce Parker
Roshan Paudel
Mary Pederson
Jill Pennie and Mark Pearson
Catherine Perrone
Ferdinand Peters
Curtis and Anne Petersen
Drs. Alison and Kevin Peterson*
Daniel Peterson
Dr. Lisa Phifer and Dr. Jared Jones
Linda and John Phillips
Matthew Jay Porter
Debra Rassat
Lois Reardon
William Reiling
Arthur Renteria
Denise Reuter
Dennis Ring
Rosemarie Roach
Dr. Jennifer and Tim Roberts
Katrina Roth
Mark Sacewicz
Maria Salguero
Ken and Mary Schaefer*
Dr. Paul and Karen Schanfield
Julie Scheid
Joyce Schliesing and Eugene Szondy
Jeanne and David Schmalz
Ann and Thomas Schroeder
Diane Schwabe
Mary Louise Sery
Janet Shellman and Art Renteria
William and Jane Skar
David Smith
Arkadiy Sokolovskiy
Valija Springstead
St. Philip’s Lutheran Church
Mary and James Stahlmann
Nicole and Jenny Starr
Linda and James Stein
Lisa Stein
Richard Steiner
Chris Stuart
Janice Sullivan
Kirsten Szendrey
Gloria and Maurizio Tava
Drs. Naomi and David Tetzlaff
Christy Timm-Hughes and Chris Hughes
Sharon Vievering
Margaret Walsh
Scott Wendt
Wally Wescott
Mary Ellen and Chuck West
Roy and Judith Wolff
Barbara Wulf
Teng Chien Yu
James Zieba

A Legacy of Caring: Rumsey Family Endowment Fund

George Baboila*
Dr. Ravi Balasubrahmanyan and Ann Caspar
MaryAnn and David Benke*
Dr. David Bucher
Leo and Jeanne Feeney~
Kevin Filter and Family
Dr. Joel Giffin and Carol Washington
Michael Henley and Randi Yoder
Ken and Mary Herriges
Dr. Katherine Louise Johnson
Roberta and Dennis Keller
Patti Lawson
Dr. Kathleen Macken
Christopher Markov*
Mercer Family
Dr Gerald Montie
Mark and Phyllis Parr~
Dr. Lisa Phifer and Dr. Jared Jones
Tegan Presley
Malachy and Nancy Scanlan
Ken and Mary Schaefer*
Cara and Vincent Simone
Lisa Stein
Connie Walsh

* indicates 2017 Board Member
~ indicates West 7th Legacy Society Member


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