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Missy Elumba, CNP

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Missy Elumba, NP, is an advanced healthcare provider who has balanced her professional interests with her personal interests. As a primary care practitioner for over five years she focuses on her patients, not just their symptoms. As an international traveler, she enjoys learning about different cultures and visiting the places where some of her patients are from. Of course, Missy works with all patients, not just immigrant patients, but she’s learned that everyone’s culture matters when it comes to their health.

“It’s about being able to ask the right questions, and take the time to have a dialog,” said Missy.

Whether it’s about blood pressure, diabetes, diet, or exercise, the patient makes decisions together with Missy.

“I help educate my patients so they understand their health issues. I consider their family culture and how they live life. In order to promote the positive aspects of health, it has to be a collaborative effort,” she said.

Missy has extensive experience in a community health setting, having worked with refugee and immigrant populations in Lowell, MA. There, she treated patients utilizing trauma-informed care.

“Patients use appropriate defense mechanisms to get through a crisis or traumatic experience. Sometimes those defense mechanisms may continue afterwards, into situations where there might be other ways to cope in the current situation,” said Missy. “In my practice I partner with the Behavioral Health team to support the patient’s medical care.”

United Family Medicine is a consistent, safe, welcoming place for people of all cultural backgrounds. As a healthcare home, we take a team approach to primary care – we focus on the patient.

Missy’s personal travels have taken her to some of the places where her patients are from: Afghanistan, Sudan, India, Cambodia, Bhutan, Jordan, and Germany to name a few. She enjoys working with people from different cultures, to appreciate their stories and life experiences.

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