Like many hardworking people, Debbie had a good job with health and dental insurance, but finding affordable dental care was still a challenge. She looked for high quality dental care where she could also make a payment plan that would fit her needs.

“Finding a workable payment arrangement was my #1 motivation,” said Debbie. “I’d been thinking of getting my dental healthcare up-to-date for almost a year, but for financial reasons, even with dental insurance, it was a challenge.”

Debbie discovered United Family Medicine is a welcoming and non-judgmental resource for excellent dental care.

“It was easy to arrange for a payment plan. Nobody judged me. I felt very cared about,” said Debbie.

Debbie met with the dental team, starting with a Dental Assistant who explained Debbie’s dental care plan and allowed plenty of time for questions. Debbie’s care plan included teeth cleaning and plans for tooth repairs such as crowns, root canals and a bridge.

Dr. Phuong-Giang Pham, DDS, Director of Dental Services, met with Debbie to reassure her that her teeth were just fine, and the care plan would bring them into better health so that Debbie could feel more confident about her dental health.

“Dr. Pham examined my teeth and helped me understand my diagnosis. She explained that all work could be completed in stages. That makes it easier to plan the appointments, and also to participate in the payment plan. I’m very grateful to Dr. Pham and the whole dental team,” said Debbie.

“It was a piece of cake to get scheduled for my appointment!” said Debbie. “To make it even faster, I was added to a waiting list, so that I could come in right away if someone had to cancel their appointment.”

“My overall impression has been very positive,” said Debbie. Before I saw the dental team, I was hard on myself about my dental care, but I became very reassured that my teeth are fine — they just needed some care and repair. I’d recommend United Family Medicine dental services to anyone who wants a welcoming team, excellent care, and affordability.”

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