Mission Statement: Excellence in delivering healthcare for all; training the providers of tomorrow.

Vision Statement: A healthy, vibrant and thriving community.

Values Statements:

Trust and Integrity:  We are authentic and transparent in what we do and say. We consistently hold ourselves accountable, both individually and collectively, ever aware of the impact our actions and words have on others.

 Connections: As members of a team, we care for each other, support each other, and work to bring out the best in each other, to create a culture in which all staff and patients thrive.

Openness and Respect: We honor the traditions, heritages, and lived experiences of everyone who walks through our doors.

Community: Our roots are in the West 7th community of St. Paul and our community extends beyond these boundaries. We work together and share responsibility with community partners for the health and wellbeing of our larger community.

Responsiveness: We learn, collaborate, and innovate to provide compassionate, quality, holistic care for everyone.

United Family Medicine

United Family Medicine